How to Personalise Fish Designs:

Start by clicking the "Personalise Design" button, it's just beside the "Add to Cart" button. Then follow these steps:


1. Click on the text that you want to customise once to select it.

2. Click the text again to open your keyboard and edit it.

3. Now you can type in the exact details that you want.

4. If you need to create a second line, hit return / enter. You can also change the font size to fit more text in.

5. Hit 'Done' when you are finished with that text.

6. If you need to move the text then click on it once to select it, then you can drag it around with your finger / mouse. Guidelines should appear to help you center it.

7. Follow the same process for the other text options until it contains all the details you want.

8. Double check your text for typos / accuracy before finishing.

9. Once you're happy, click 'Add to Cart' in the top right corner!


Note: The small image in your cart afterwards will show the standard design for technical reasons only - you can ignore this as if you followed the process above and clicked "Add to Cart" in the editor, your custom design will be applied.


If you are having difficulties with the editor then please just send us an email at with:

a. Your desired size and print type

b. all of the custom text you want to include

Then we can create the personalised design for you.


  • It is easier to personalise your design on desktop. So if you're having difficulty on mobile, it may be a lot easier on desktop.
  • If the 'Personalise Design' button is not working for you - please try using a different browser eg. Chrome as this may solve the issue.


Thank you!